Get involved

The HEREiAM project aims to bring together individuals, local administrations and service providers to organize an ecosystem that meets the needs of the older person who wishes to remain active at home. But, to develop a useful and user-focused set of services, we need your help!

We are launching various initiatives (in-person interview, focus group, telephone interview, e-mail survey) to gather opinions, suggestions and feedback on the project from all the interested parties. We would really like to hear as many different points of view as possible, so if you are (or soon will be):

• A person who needs assistance with daily living tasks;
• A person caring for an elderly relative or friend;
• A public organization or a private company with experience in providing health or social care services;
• A service provider with experience in providing comfort services (e.g., cooking and cleaning help, online grocery shopping or fresh food delivery, laundry, etc.);
• A non-profit organization committed to promoting the active participation of older persons in social life;

You are welcome to take part in one of our meetings. Anyone can contribute to HEREiAM!

If you would like to find out more, to discuss any ideas or ask about getting involved, please contact us.