LOGO_DEDALUSDedalus is today at the head of a leading national healthcare software industrial group, with many important roles in all public and private health market segments, a sector that is of strategic importance for the national economy. Today Dedalus is market leader in software systems for General Practitioners and primary care Pediatricians (through Millennium s.r.l.), with over 21,000 Doctors using the products, in software systems for private healthcare units, with a customer base of over 250 units, in the Clinical Information Technology system sector, and in automation systems for operating theatres, with over 80 national points of reference. The Dedalus Group has therefore implemented a reorganization process, optimizing at the best their resources and concentrating them into highly specialized and qualified work teams. With over 500 professionals, distributed across 12 Italian branches, and a capillary presence within the territory, Dedalus provides daily support to its customers on three main strategic business areas: territory medicine, clinical area, and healthcare area. In HEREiAM, Deaduls develops the interoperable platform, and is responsible for exploitation and marketing activities. 

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