Stichting Smart Homes

logoSmartHomes_breedZONDERnationaalStichting Smart Homes (SmH) is the Dutch expert centre on home automation, smart living and e-health. It was founded in 1998 and acts as an independent and intermediary organisation in the complex market of technology & ageing, bridging the worlds of technology development and those of end-users and service/care providers. By mid 2012, Smart Homes has 15 highly skilled employees. Smart Homes participates and participated in many projects on ambient assisted living, like, Mobiserv, CompanionAble, CommonWell, Independent, and Caalyx-MV, Cardiac, Leage, Netcarity, and Soprano. Most of these projects deal with context aware software based services, built around many different sensors, actuators including robots, and smart technology. Generally, Smart Homes exploits results of these projects through its partner community (150 Dutch organisations), educational courses, and consultancy work. Smart Homes has strong dissemination activities through its own national conferences, its annual trade fair on smart living, its Smart Homes Magazine, newsletter and website. A particular role has the Smartest Home of The Netherlands, built in 2001 and continuously updated, in which new technology is integrated, validated and demonstrated. In HEREiAM, SmH be involved in user-centred design, concept development, system integration, prototype testing, pilot testing, evaluation, exploitation and dissemination activities.

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